Entrepreneurship Summer Camp
Hosted by the Youth Business Initiative and Granite Bay Young Entrepreneur club
July 31st - August 4th
9 AM - 3 PM at Granite Bay High School

Join us for an exciting week of innovation where students go through the entire process of creating a business, giving them the tools to create their very own start up. With fun workshops and a competition, this is a perfect opportunity for any young entrepreneur.

We aim to build leadership skills in middle school students while teaching entrepreneurship, project management, technology, and business administration.

Suggested Donation: $150

Visit us at yentrepreneurs.com
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Since the camp will run from 9-3, a food break is needed so the camp will supply students food for a cost of $50 for 5 days. Otherwise, we strongly recommend bringing your own lunch and snack if you do not opt into the program

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